Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Prayer for the Slowing Down

The day unravels behind me and now babes are resting their heads.  In the wake of the brownie making, and the swimming pool playing, and the art class creating, I see the rush of this day. When small voices beckoned for me to see, I too often spoke "Yes" while turning the other way.  When leaving through the door caused my heart to pound stress, my longed for honeycomb words were bitter gongs to the ear. When walking the sidewalk with little hands in mine, I hurried the footsteps along, not lingering in the sunshine to watch the leaves float long.

And so I pray for slowed down moments, a life of slow-motion ~ frame by frame, listening more closely, speaking more softly, walking more slowly.  Time is a gift that remains unopened through the rushing of a day.

To my Gracious Heavenly Father,

Can You teach me to number my days so that I may have a heart of wisdom?  Can You hold my hand through each day and tug me closer to You when I try to hurry?  May You cause me to be reminded to get low when I listen to the so important words that come from the mouths of babes.  May You help me to look into their eyes intentionally, confirming that they are wonderfully made.  The words of my mouth are a reflection of my heart, so make my heart to ponder, to quiet itself in You.  May my words be seasoned with right responses as inquiring babes speak.  May the moments of stress be released by the speaking of life-giving words from a mother.  Help me to slow down in the walking.  To take the time to worship You along with all of creation.  As we watch the ants scurry up and down the trunk of that same old tree, may You remind me of the unhurried path that you have set before me for this day.  In all this slowing down, use me to teach the children to number their days too.
Slowing down in You,
~ Jessica

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