Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Persevering for the Journey

Nine years today Pachebel was played while a young girl-woman walked down the aisle.  Camera flashes caught all smiles in celebration of a nervous couple joining hands and hearts with a forever "yes". 

Today I listen to recorded ceremony vows, I wear the bride's tiara doing dishes and dusting off boxed wedding albums.  I smile when I hear "When I Fall in Love"  and the readings from sweet friend's voices.  That day there was an assurance that if we can just get through this day ... 

In the midst of marriages breaking down all around us, the husband draws me closer.  He whispers the same word that is scratched within the inside of his golden band, "persevere".  Is that what keeps us bonded, not willing to give up or to give in?  Maybe.  To persevere is not so much about the grand success, but more about the everyday rising and meeting,  the intentional connecting and respecting. 

Persevere in the saying of "good morning" in the morning. 
Persevere in the saying of "good night" at the closing of the day.

Persevere in the saying of "good-bye" in the leaving.
Persevere in the saying of "hello" in the returning.

Persevere in the serving of one more meal for the body.
Persevere in the praying of one more prayer for the soul.

Persevere in the spinning of one more load of laundry.
Persevere in the washing of endless sheets, and floors, and tiles.

Persevere in the lifting up when he is ready to give up.
Persevere in the going forth when dreams are beckoning on.

Persevere in the quiet reassurance.
Persevere in the cheering on with loud applause.

Persevere in the mundane of the everyday.
Persevere when adventures are at hand.

Always persevere.

Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 

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