Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Word Spoken

I shared my plan with a chosen few, one of them was the husband.  In the sharing came the voiced words. When spoken aloud, they took the intangible and made it real.  In ways not understood, somehow in the speaking and in the simultaneous hearing, the plan became clearer, more certain, more alive. Authenticity could be felt, almost grasped.  So I took a hold of that plan and through the spoken word, I became committed.

For seventy-five days I have read His words whispered quiet to my heart.  I read familiar of the first man, and of the blessing of Abraham.  I read of the Christ-type sacrifice of Isaac and of the wrestling match of Jacob.  I read of the softened heart of Joseph and of the humble heart of Moses.  And now, I sit overlooking the Jordan waiting to cross into the Promise Land.

These life words I have read in the morning with coffee and the breaking of bread.  I have read them in the afternoon while preparing the dinner meal.  Even while young girls find first position in dance, I have read these words.

And often, rather almost always, I have read these words silent.

And then one evening, within the quiet of home, I decided to read these words aloud.  And in all my life I can't remember reading anything so beautiful.  The sound of His words echoing from the walls around me.  My voice brushing against the silence with sacred messages.  I felt like I could reach out and grasp a hold of the very Word of God. 

Can speaking His words aloud make them more tangible?  Can hearing His words with simple voice drive them deeper into the heart?  Is my faith grown further by the audibility of His truth?  Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the Word of God. {Romans 10:17}

Daily speaking, hearing,  reading,  grasping.  Can I daily have His words committed upon my heart, cradled in the center of my hand?  Carried around through each mundane moment? Available for clenching and clinging  to when the inevitable desperation comes?

May His words be continually hidden in my heart so that when the Book is not close by, His Words are still near, ready to be recited for the speaking and for the hearing.

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