Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Simple Way to Say I Love Him

He made the request awhile ago.  I never heeded his wishes. 

Do the words really need to be spoken?  Do they really need to be heard aloud?  Doesn't he know it, without me  having to speak it into the space between us?

It is the simplest of requests, "Can you tell me that I'm handsome?" 

Even now, I smile and breath a laugh of unbelief, that this is all that he has asked and I have neglected.

Daily he tells me that I am beautiful, sweet, amazing.  And I tell him too that he is wonderful and that I am grateful for all that he is, and does.  Yet somehow that word "handsome" doesn't pass through my lips, and I'm not sure why.

Us women love to be told that we're the prettiest girl this side of the Pacific.  Maybe our men need to hear that confirmation too.

So this past Valentine's, my forever vow was to utter that unspoken word daily. 

A "Good morning, Handsome" will make his day. Every day.

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