Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Tied Up in Prayers

At sixteen, someone told her that there was a boy out there - just for her.  A boy who would one day be her husband man.  And so she prayed for that boy not knowing who he was, or where he was, or what he may be doing - she had blind faith for an unknown love.

At twenty, she met that boy.  His dorm room wall ran parallel with hers.  Although she didn't know it then, she began to whisper desperate prayers for him.  For she was reading the book of Acts filled with words about those "men of God" who turned the world upside down.  And  she couldn't help but pray for the man next door who needed God to turn his world upside down.

At twenty-two, that boy went cross-country setting his wings soaring, fulfilling those flight dreams that suffocated him, yet simultaneously gave him life.   His dreams began long before that sixteen-year old girl stuttered shy prayers while sitting in the seat of a Volkswagen Beetle.  Six years had past and that same girl still uttered prayers, but with bolder words, knowing in her depths that he was the one, the forever boy.

At twenty-three, that boy returned and she asked him, "What about us?", and he answered "Yes", turning her world upside down.  Together they tried to figure out this thing called love ~  Praying hard because it is hard to love in the world in a way that is right, and good, and honourable.

At twenty-five, he set her heart soaring.  She read the words "I love you more, everyday" from the window of that wee plane.   And later, while saying the promising "yes" she knew that this was a prayer answered.   Holding hands with one glittering finger, they uttered prayers for the unknown,  for real love is a mystery and promises to take the path less travelled.

At twenty-six, they said their forever promises and floated through the day with undying smiles transpired by the guests and the gifts and the words of wild love.  And they spoke to each other in front of all the witnesses announcing that this day had been grown  out of many giddy and whispered prayers of love brand new, and out of many cried out and desperate prayers for a love branded with truth.

And just last night in the warmth of the marriage bed, with his shoulder rising with sleep, she mouthed out silent thanks for the grace given and allowed tears to slide for the purpose of the man next to her. For almost nine years the days have proven the need for the thread of prayer to weave through the years of this love life.  May this thread weave long, and thick, and unbroken.  For someone wise once wrote that a cord of three-strands is not easily broken.

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