Monday, December 13, 2010

A Jesse Tree ~ Deepening the Roots of Christmas

In the days leading up to December, the soft whispers of Advent began to prod my heart through the words of others who have gone before me.  For me, there was nothing else to do, but to prepare a Jesse Tree, not knowing exactly what to do, but knowing for certain that it needed to be done.  The thought of preparing for His coming in stillness and quietness and prayer, seemed all too inviting as the hustle and bustle of the twelfth month drew nearer.

And so, we began to grow our Jesse Tree.  Not knowing how deep it's roots would go.

As the last bites of dinner are being downed, I bring out The Jesus Storybook Bible, the candle lighter and the flute.  At first it felt awkward leading the children and the fine husband through a somewhat ceremonious event. But now, halfway through Advent, the quietness and meditation is expected, and today could not turn into tomorrow without the hanging of the symbol and the saying of The Lord's Prayer. 

Do you do a Jesse Tree?  I would be so blessed to hear of your traditions.  I pray that you will be blessed by ours...

We start out by reading aloud,
"Jesus Christ, You are the Light of the world that no darkness can overcome; for darkness is as light with You. Keep us from sin and straighten our path, so that we may be prepared for Your coming. Amen."

Then the candle is lit.  Each week of Advent another candle is lit so that there are 4 candles by Christmas.  As the coming of Christ draws nearer, the light gets brighter, for He is the Light of the world!

A story is read from The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every story whispers his name.  This book is filled with  the stories of the Bible with each story ending with a small passage pointing to Jesus the Saviour.  This book is perfect for the young ages of my children.

The Jesse Tree symbol is then hung on a smaller tree that rests on the dining table.  After six symbols are hung, they are transferred to the grand Christmas tree.  The symbols were drawn and painted by myself and my girls, and then coloured photocopied to create a finished look.

The Lord's Prayer is spoken.

A carol is played on the flute and then sung.

The candle is blown out while the anticipation of His coming fills our hearts.


Some helpful Jesse Tree links:
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