Thursday, August 12, 2010

Learning, Loving, Living

Sitting on the brink of a new learning year, pondering, dreaming, praying. Praying for the Greater Plan to be a part of my home. Praying that I can get out of the way often enough so as not to hinder the Greater Plan from taking place. Praying that peace will pave the way. Complicated, the plan is not. Difficult, definitely. Threads of moments, ideas, thoughts, memories, purposes, intentions, failures interwoven into a tapestry of learning, loving and living. A tapestry designed by One greater than I.

Learning. Loving. Living.

Learning from the books, the experiences, the deeper conversations. And learning from the failures. Failures that He turns into unexpected triumphs. Learning to read the written word and to pen the learned language onto paper. Learning to play with numbers and patterns and discovering a divine mathematical wisdom scattered throughout creation and the world around. Learning to know the facts and the stories behind them. Learning to decide and to reason and to discern. Learning about the One who created us to learn. And learning to trust and fully rest in Him. Learning to love like Him …

To love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul and mind – there is no greater calling, no greater plan. To daily fall in love with Him, to lay sacrifices for Him, to worship Him, to love more and more like He does - daily. And what an excellent plan it is to grow in our love for Him, to grow in our love for each other. Is that not what Jesus spoke of when he shared the two greatest commandments? To love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbour, child, spouse, stranger as ourselves? The loves are intertwined. Without one it’s hard to possess the other. Teach us to love, fill us with love, let our very beings breathe love – your love - daily as we live …

Living to learn, living to love, but also just living. Living the life of abundance, not of goods, but an abundance of Him. An abundance of Him in our every day. In the daily tasks, in the growth of the children, in the answer to a whispered prayer, in the rainbow promises. Wasn’t there a glimpse of Him in that conversation, in that priority set, in the reflection in the dew, in that cloud picture? Living to celebrate today because it is the day that He has made and I will rejoice. We will rejoice. I will lead the children to rejoice. Because He has given us life. And we will live that life in fullness of grace.

Simple really, but intriguingly intricate. A glimpse of the divine in the everyday? Could this learning year be filled with many every day moments threaded with His incredible love and abundant life? May His hand be the tailor of my home’s tapestry.

~ penned late one summer’s eve

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