Friday, April 23, 2010

Meek Speak

God has given me a Precious one who likes to be outside of the box. He has created her for great purposes, I am sure. What those purposes are, right now I do not know, but I do know that she is strong, passionate, determined, bigger than life.

Because she can be challenging, the temptation to become harsher and more controlling begins to unfold. My natural emotions want to speak a little louder, scold a little harsher, and inevitably hurt a little deeper. But I know from experience that a gentle word, with a little back tickle to go along with it, can send a much clearer message than a frustrated growl.

Today was filled with too many irritable tones - both from myself and my precious one. What a challenge to have a gentle voice through good times and bad. This is definitely an area in my life that is a constant struggle, and I wonder if I will ever exhibit that true meek and quiet spirit that I long for. I know that this spirit is not something that comes naturally, it is only something that can exist as God continues to shape me from within.

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