Thursday, April 08, 2010

Baby o' mine ...

Some days I find the baby days so very, very long. There's moments when I find myself counting down to the last spoon fed meal. The last late night nursing. The last inconvenient cry. But in spite of those moments of stress, or distress, I try to number my days.

I try to treasure the giggles during diaper changing. Baby Sala actually thinks it's funny to get her diaper changed. When she's giggling that baby gurgle, I start to think diaper changes are pretty funny too.

I try to delight in one more dirty bib, and one more bowl of smooshed up avocado, and one more yanked on earring. Baby Sala actually thinks it's funny to try to pull out my dangly earrings during her feedings. When she achieves success, I start to think it's pretty funny too.

I try to get excited about loading up the car seat and the baby stroller for one more ride or walk. Because seriously, is there anything better than going for a late morning stroll with a baby in a baby carriage? Especially when the baby is as cute as baby Sala with her eyes wide open trying to take it all in.

I try to take a moment, here or there, to play a game of peek-a-boo, or to blow a kiss or two, or to tickle under her chinny chin chin with a "mama's going to come and get you". Baby Sala thinks it's pretty funny when mama is silly with her. When I think how silly I must really look, I think it's pretty funny too.

Oh, these baby days.

"Treasure them while they're little."

"They grow up so fast."

I know it's true. Maybe I'll sneak into the nursery and give that sleeping baby a cuddle

and a kiss

or two...

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  1. All so true! This really spoke to me. I remember how hard it was sometimes, the crying, diapers and lack of sleep. Now that my boys are all older, I look back fondly and miss it a bit. Sometimes I didn't take the time to enjoy those moments while they were there, sometimes I did. It is great that you are mindful of that and are trying to take in as much as you can because yes it is true, they grow up before you know it!


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