Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa's Not Coming to Town

Growing up, Santa Claus was a faithful annual visitor. I was always ready for him because I knew that little invisible elves were watching me throughout the seasons to make sure that I was not being naughty - only nice. On Christmas Eve my sisters and I would diligently leave cookies and milk for Santa and Rudolph, and without fail the snacks were nibbled upon by Christmas morning. There were always gifts under the tree signed "Love, Santa" and before we knew it Christmas morning would come and go for another year.

Christmas was so exciting for me as a child. I loved the idea of Santa and like every other kid, I was convinced that he really was real.

I remember the day when my mom revealed the "truth" about Santa to me and my sisters. I was disappointed. Not traumatically disappointed, just quietly and sincerely disappointed. Santa was an important part of Christmas. Without him Christmas would never be the same...

Fast forward 25 years.

I have a five year old who has never received a gift from Santa. But of course she knows who Santa is since he is virtually unavoidable. Recently, her cousins informed her that they wrote a letter to Santa with their complete wish list. Because of this, I have now been informed that Santa is really real. He has to be if he's receiving letters from children!

The whole Santa issue has left me a little frazzled this year. I have come across several writings from individuals depicting their own thoughts on the inclusion of Santa - none of which coincide. As for me and my house, we continue to not have Santa as a celebrated part of our family's Christmas. This does not mean that we don't celebrate! I am a huge fan of making memories, so our home is chocked full of festive moments during the month of December - just few of these moments include the man in the red suit!

I would love to share this particular blog entry with you since it put some of my own rambling thoughts into an eloquent sequence:The Shepherd Press Blog.

Be blessed this holiday season - whether Santa is making an "appearance" at your house or not!

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  1. Oh Jessica,
    I so understand this. The same was for me, very disappointed when I was told by my younger sister that Santa wasn't real.

    So yeah, no Santa isn't coming to town or this house either ;0)


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