Monday, December 15, 2008

Giggling Girls

G says g
G says g
Giggling girls
Giggling girls

~ from The Alphabet Book

Mother's humour may try to convince you that a mother's favourite sound is silence. The silence that falls upon the home after a rigorous bedtime routine of:
teeth brushing,
teeth flossing,
a drink of water,
a story,
a hug and a kiss,
a prayer,
a hug and a kiss from daddy,
a prayer from daddy,
another drink of water,
a "Sleep tight",
and a "Can you put lullaby music on?".

Yes, the sound of silence is wonderful.

But I have recently discovered another delightful sound that has started to fill my home. It's the sound of giggling girls. Can you relate? Do you have a couple of gigglers in your home? I used to be one, but I haven't giggled - really giggled - for a very long time. You know that type of giggle that comes from the depths of your belly that eventually begins to make your tummy muscles feel like they've been through a strenuous work out? The type that is somewhat unstoppable because every giggle tends to lead to another giggle which leads to even more giggles...? These are the kinds of giggles that I love to hear bounce off the walls of my home. Who could long for silence when they've got giggles? Who knows, next time a giggle fit erupts within my home, I may just have to giggle right along. My tummy (and my heart) could use a workout!

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  1. I love when my boys giggle, or do boys giggle? They might say otherwise but it sounds like giggling to me, with some heavy laughter mixed in. Our boys do their share of fighting, so the giggles are VERY much appreciated and I often find myself joining in!


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