Thursday, November 20, 2008

Got a second ...

That's right - That's all I've got.

Baby Sprinkle's is gurgling in her crib, Sweetness needs her teeth brushed, and Precious is heading out the door with daddy.

But a second (or maybe two or three) is all I need to brag a little about my little munchkins.

Brag # 1 - Baby Sprinkles is sitting up, squealing, and bouncing like a jack rabbit in her exersaucer.

Brag #2 - Sweetness has begun her first swimming lessons and is the "perfect" student - no kidding. She happens to be in a class with a bunch of rowdy boys so that aids in the angelic student image.

Brag #3 - Precious conquered the diving board for the first time and is helping to do "chores" around the house. Give her a cloth and a spray bottle and that kid is good to go for a good 10 minutes!

Proud of you girls - Mama loves you!

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  1. Very sweet, Jessica... I love the "no peeing" sign! LOL!


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