Monday, October 20, 2008

Funny words that made me smile . . .

When I asked Precious, "Guess what?",
She responded, "You want to keep me forever."
~Sure do kiddo.

When daddy told Sweetness not to go pee when playing in the backyard,
She responded, "If you put a sign up that says "No peeing", then I won't go pee in the backyard."
~There's now a "No Peeing" post-it note stuck to the backyard fence.

When making cupcakes the other day, Precious said, "This is the most fun I've EVER had!".
~Cupcakes are fun, but I think the sugar from the icing and gummy worms may have been blurring her memory a bit.

When referring to "today", Sweetness will wake up in the morning and ask "Is it tomorrow?" because usually the day before, I had said "Tomorrow we're going to ...". I respond and say, "Yes Sweetness, Today is tomorrow but now tomorrow is today."
~Did you get that?


  1. Love that first one, "you want to keep me forever" Very sweet! Kids really do say the funniest (and sweetest) things! Mine really make me laugh, and it is amazing the simple pleasures (like making cupcakes with their momma) that can please them. I have had this "today and tomorrow" discussion with all three of my boys, too funny.

  2. You have been tagged!


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