Thursday, September 04, 2008

5 Little Milestones

Precious turned five, two weeks ago today. I'm a little late in commemorating the occasion but as my wonderful husband always says ... "Better late than never!".

Precious's 5 favourite things as announced by herself on her 5th birthday:
1. Scandia
2. Zoos
3. Flowers
4. Circuses
5. Parades

5 favourite things that I love about Precious:
1. Her hearty laugh
2. Her big words like "actually", "familiar" and "beautiful"
3. Her love for animals - "When I'm five I get to have a dog." - (oops did mama say that sometime when five seemed very far away?)
4. Her good morning kisses
5. Her excitement when explaining something like how she's going to choose the big teddy bear to be the mama bear and the little blue bear to be the newborn bear and the...

5 of Precious's favourite things:
1. Her green skirt with the colourful flowers
2. Princesses
3. The song "Upside Down"
4. Birthday cake candles
5. Stories on the couch

5 favourite moments with Precious:
1. Eating grapes together fresh from the vine when she was four
2. Swimming lessons when she was 9 months
3. Our date night: ice cream, photo booth and manicures
4. Sleeping together when daddy was overseas
5. Cookies and spilled milk

5 things that Precious can do:
1. Swim
2. Beat me at "X's and O's
3. Memorize scripture
4. Hold baby Sprinkles like a grown-up
5. Do bum wars on the trampoline

5 things that Precious doesn't like:
1. Potatoes
2. Getting her hair curled
3. Too much of Dora
4. Clothes that aren't pretty (pretty much anything that isn't a dress or is a boy colour like black, brown, green or orange)
5. Counting past 28


  1. What great lists! You'll enjoy looking back at these over the years. I love the one about counting past 28!

  2. So, does she get a dog? heehee
    Doesn't it always seem like these milestones are so far away, and then before you know it, they have happened. That's how I feel right now with my youngest just starting school. Time goes so fast.


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