Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why Nana Can't Breastfeed . . .

When I feed Baby Sprinkles I use a large pillow to help position her properly. Little did I know that my 4 year old's interpretation of the usage of the pillow was so vital to Baby Sprinkle's nourishment ...

While on our way to drop Precious and Sweetness off at Nana's and Papa's house for a 2 night sleepover, this conversation took place:

Precious: Is Baby Sprinkles staying at Nana's and Papa's house too?

Mama: No, she's going to stay home with Mama and Daddy.

Precious: Why?

Mama: Because Nana can't feed Baby Sprinkles.

Precious: But Nana has boob boos.

Mama: Yes, but ...

Before I could rationalize and explain the wonders of a mother's breast milk, Precious had a sudden revelation!

Precious: Oh! But Nana doesn't have the pillow!



  1. "Precious" is precious! :-)

  2. That is tooo cute! I love it, aren't they sweet? I just heard Andrew call his little brother honeycakes, don't know where he got that but I started laughing. I love listening to the funny things they say!

  3. That's adorable! Ah, the insight...


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