Friday, May 02, 2008

A Quiet Friday Evening

Well, it's almost quiet. The dishwasher is still plunging through the obnoxious wash and rinse cycles, but all three kids have laid down their pretty heads and have fallen into dreamland. Quiet moments like this are rare and must be taken advantage of. And so I sit at the computer and type . . .

This past week the craziness of mommyhood seemed even more insane and the feelings of impossibility seemed even more attainable. There were moments where I felt like I couldn't keep up and the whole concept of mommyhood started to look rather unappealing. There was the hole in the vinyl computer chair on Wednesday. The pee that remained on the basement floor for hours on Monday. And the 5:30 wake up call that happened just this morning - "Can me have breakfast now?". Yes, there were definitely moments when I wanted to escape from the whirlwind of demands and hide in a secluded cottage where no one could reach me until . . . well, until tomorrow. Let's face it, too long in a secluded cottage would be a little boring after a while. I know that I would be longing to hear wee voices asking me to make them a snack or to put bubbles in their bath or to put lullaby music on. Okay,so maybe my week wasn't that crazy . . .

Both my husband and I were reminded this week that our family is part of our dream. We are living our dream as we live in our two-storey house,raise 3 kids and drive a mini-van. Sometimes we joke about "the good ole days", but we both know that we are living in the "good ole days". We wouldn't miss the chap stick on the windows, or the muddy clothes and caked-on shoes, or another peepee underwear for anything!

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  1. Jessica,
    Liked your post! Also, I put a comment on my blog about your carpet and nail polish question. Hope it helps. :) Thanks for stopping by again!


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