Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gotta have Cake

32 is the magic number for the day. That's how old my husband turned. He is a strange guy when it comes to his birthday. He doesn't care to be the center of attention so the idea to invite 32 of his closest friends to help celebrate didn't go over too well. Needless to say, his birthday festivities were rather ordinary. A simple card, a single gift, a solo rendition of "Happy Birthday" sung by yours truly. However no matter how simplified the festivities, the girls were tickled pink, and so was their daddy, because of the CAKE. Somehow for a youngster, and for a grown man, the addition of a cake can turn any ordinary affair into an extraordinary occasion. Of course the ice cream helps too.

In honor of my husband's birthday I am listing 32 reasons why I am glad that he was born! I'll start with the biggies:

1. He is the man God chose for me.
2. He is the bestest daddy for our little girls.
3. He demonstrates excellence.
4. He demonstrates perseverance.
5. He taught me how to love without hindrance.
6. He gives me security.
7. He opens the windows in the morning to freshen our home.
8. He buys air fresheners for the van. Thank goodness!
9. He wears a goofy grin when he brings home flowers.
10. He thinks to bring home flowers in the first place.
11. He has a heart filled with compassion for kids everywhere.
12. He supports 4 sponsor kids for our girls to have as pen pals.
13. He picks up hitchhikers which I often wish he wouldn't.
14. He makes attempts at being the good Samaritan while I sit convicted.
15. He is not afraid to take care of his newborn babes. Poopy sleepers and diapers? - No Problem.
16. He keeps me accountable as a mama.
17. He keeps me accountable as a wife.
18. He keeps me accountable as a child of God.
19. He encourages me and spurs me on.
20. He challenges me to go beyond mediocrity.
21. He teaches me that passion in life is vital.
22. He encourages me to seek out my passion.
23. He can sit with me and talk for hours.
24. He can sit with me and be silent too.
25. He mows the weed infested lawn diligently in the Spring.
26. He chooses to let the weeds grow in the Summer and go to the beach.
27. He dreams big along with me.
28. He takes pleasure in the little things.
29. He works hard and works well.
30. He rests well and plays hard.
31. He knows how to be a good friend.
32. He knows how to be my best friend.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.


  1. You are so blessed Jessica, and so is your dh to have you. You made me cry, so that's a good thing. Blessings on you both!

  2. Thanks Karyn! That's twice now that I've made you cry.:) I often covet the skill of being a witty writer like our dear friend Christine but I'm just too mushy and gooshy all over.

  3. LOL, you've made me cry a LOT more than twice! :o) Christine is indeed a witty writer, and you are indeed mushy and gooshy, LOL, but please don't change! We all love you just the way you are! You're able to soften hearts through your writing, and I always leave so refreshed, more focused on the goal, more of a mom and woman and I love it!


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