Wednesday, April 02, 2008

For Sprinkles

I had intended to write a little tribute to Sprinkles before she was born, but alas that didn't happen. She is now with us in full body and spirit and as expected, life has taken on a whole new twist. Routine night time feedings, endless yellow poopy diapers, the distinct smell of spit-up - all of these baby pleasures have now entered our home.

I'm finding that with this third baby I am able to really enjoy her. With my first, my husband and I were so stressed (although we didn't realize it at the time) that we might do something wrong when looking after a new life. With my second, my husband and I were still stressed, but this time it was due to the 22 month old sibling that kept trying to poke the newborn's eyes out. With this third baby, my husband and I are no longer stressed and the siblings are wonderful. (a contented sigh). Life is good.

Cassie's name means "helper of man". I like to interpret that as "one having a servant's heart". I get giddy thinking about spending many more days with Cassie and watching her grow into a beautiful little girl. I pray for wisdom, discernment, patience and endless love as I start to raise and to train up our new bundle of joy!.


  1. What a sweet and precious baby girl. You are so very blessed! :)

    Now I need a baby fix. Somebody help me quick LOL!

  2. Little girls are so precious.

    btw You've been tagged.


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