Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For Precious

My four and a half year old has lived up to her name: "Precious". I think there is something about one's firstborn that is just special and irreplaceable. Precious has always been "special". As a baby she would cry with a hilarious trill. As a crawler, we called her "tripod" - two hands, one knee and a scooter foot. As a terrible 2 year old we discovered her full love of life. She is passionate, analytical, eager, fun! At four and a half she is turning into a real KID. She is full of questions and full of answers. She is the ring leader with her younger sister. She is smart and knows how to manipulate her sister to play just the way she wants - "You be the owner and I'll be the baby cheetah." Recently, Precious didn't pass her swimming lessons - she is redoing them next month. What I love about Precious is that during every swimming lesson she listened well, was enthusiastic, and had a smile on her face the whole time. Who cares that she can't glide 3 metres yet, she has huge potential!

What does my Precious one love to do at 4 and a half?
~ pretending to be an animal - mainly cat type animals but sometimes a kangaroo or a horse.
~color, color, color - I honestly can't believe how much she loves to color. With so much practice she is almost creating art!:)
~ playing with stuffed animals - I always have an urge to throw out the bounty of stuffed animals that linger in the play room. But all of a sudden about 2 months ago, they became one of her favorite toys. She sorts them into families - the baby animals with the mama animals.
~ spending quarters - She has recently discovered that a quarter is the money that needs to be used in a candy machine. Believe me, the quarter is her most valuable possession!
~ bath time - This girl loves having a bath. Often during her sister's nap, I'll pour her a bubble bath and she's good to go for the next hour. Again she's usually an animal but not a cat because "cats don't like water".
~ making a phone call - She needs to know her numbers to do this! She is learning to talk well on the phone. When she first started, she always had to go into my bedroom and close the door. She didn't want me eavesdropping!

Dearest Precious One: Don't ever lose your love for life. God desires for us to live our lives to the fullest and this is exactly what you do. Thank you for reminding me about the delights and joys that fill my everyday. You are so Precious and I love you.

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  1. That is so cute! I love that age and miss my girls being that young. Enjoy every minute of it. :)


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