Monday, March 17, 2008

For my Husband

This morning my husband woke up again while everyone else was asleep. He got ready to leave for work - work that breaks his back, hurts his knees and forms callouses on his hands. He is a hard worker.

Last night my husband went to bed before me. He asked me to tuck him in. While tucking him in, we talked about some stuff happening in life. He told me that he would never leave me because there is nowhere else to go. He loves me too much.

Yesterday afternoon my husband let me nap. My nap went into dinner time and the smell of my oven that needs a good cleaning woke me up. As I walked into the kitchen I could see that my husband had already prepared supper for the girls (chicken strips, soup, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes). He made enough for me too. He takes good care of us.

Yesterday afternoon my husband played soccer at the park with my four year old. He rescued my two year old from falling through the center of a tire swing. He helped my preschooler climb a tree. What would the girls do without him?

Yesterday morning my husband went to play drums for church - not our church but a buddy's church. He played his best. He played with passion. He played in worship. He is so talented and works hard to skilfully play.

Saturday night I surprised my husband with some favorite snacks. We were having a movie date night. Earlier, I snuck away to the grocery store and picked up some caramel dipping sauce for sliced apples, some Orange Storm, and some popping corn. Yummy! What would I do without my best friend?

Sometimes I miss a chance to tell my husband that I love him. Sometimes life gets too carried away and little moments get buried in the craziness. Sometimes I lose sight of the blessing that my husband is to me. Sometimes I need to sit quietly and remember why I love my husband. He is my treasure - my special gift.


  1. Very touching post Jessica, brought a little bit of tears to my eyes. I love your writing and the way you are able to put things into words. I also love reading about other moms who are trying to follow God and raise children to know God like I am. Congrats on your new blessing on the way.

  2. Thank you Harmony! Us moms and wives need to stick together - it's a tough job!


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