Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some Words to Think On

In my college days I came across a book called "Come Away My Beloved" written by Frances J. Roberts. The book is somewhat like a devotional but really just contains some amazing thoughts as written from God's perspective. I love just taking a "time-out" and meditating on one or two of the passages when I get a calm moment in the midst of a hectic day. Here is one passage that was a great reminder to me yesterday. It is entitled "The Burden Bearer":

My child, do not share thy burdens with all who come unto thee professing concern. Lo, I, Myself, am the great burden-bearer. Ye need not look to another. I will lead thee and guide thee in wisdom from above. All things shall be as I plan them, if ye allow Me the freedom to shape circumstances and lead thee to the right decisions.

I am merciful and kind. I love thee beyond measure. I purpose to do thee good; and lo, I will bring unto thee those who can truly help, if ye leave all in My hands.

I want thee to prosper and be in health. I want thee to know Me more intimately. If difficulties come, it is by My order and for thy benefit. Man would say ye have trouble; I would say ye have a test.

Sometimes, no more like often, I fail to recognize the test. Instead, I start to panic and wonder what can I do to make this circumstance better. How less stressful life would be if I simply let God be God and take care of my circumstances. What if the test is simply to recognize that this circumstance is a test and giving it to God will give me an A+?

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