Thursday, January 17, 2008

Questions from a Preschooler

Often one of my least liked moments of motherhood is loading the kids from the front door of the house to their car seat in the van. I know that I could be more strict about this, but I'm ok letting them go outside and walk around the yard or driveway a bit while I load up the van. When I open the doors of the van and say, "Ok girls, time to get into the van," they usually look at me, smile, and go running around the van. It's fun for them - not for me! Usually, my 2 year old is pretty easy to grab and plunk down into her carseat while my 4 year continues to investigate puddles, discover new rocks, or travel around the van in a frantic manner. However, typically once her younger sibling is whining in her car seat, my preschooler is ready to climb into hers.

Yesterday was no exception to this little routine. When it was my 4 year old's turn to get into her car seat, she decided to run around the van one more time. Not considering the icy driveway, she wiped out and bruised her bottom. I came around the van and said in my very know-it-all mother voice "You deserved that because you didn't listen to mommy." She looked at me and asked with all seriousness, "Did God make me do it?". Too funny!!!!! "No honey, God didn't make you do it, the driveway is just icy. You need to obey mommy. Let's get you into the van kiddo!"

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