Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's the New Year - Time to Make Changes?

I am pretty big on making New Year's resolutions. Too often within the past few days I've heard people say "My New Year's resolution is NOT to make a resolution!". I have to admit, that's not my philosophy at all. I truly do enjoy making new goals for myself. Of course, this doesn't happen just at New Year's but throughout the year too.

This year I have chosen 2 fairly specific goals for my resolution. I think that I've read somewhere, that when setting goals you need to set a time frame and be as specific as possible. Probably good advice. So here are my two goals. The time frame is within the next year so that part's easy.

Goal #1 - To organize ALL of my photographs into photo albums, scrapbooks or digital scrapbooks.

Goal #2 - To donate food to the local food bank during each grocery trip. After a year of this, it should become a habit I'm hoping. I also have decided to only donate items to the Salvation Army rather than to profit making second hand stores.

I think these resolutions are both manageable and attainable. Let's see if I can keep them! Happy New Year 2008!

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