Monday, December 17, 2007

Comments from a Preschooler

When asked what she would like for CHRISTmas, my 4 year old replied, "Surprise me." I hope this sweet innocence doesn't ever get lost!

We don't promote Santa Claus in our home. Although the girls are fully aware and fascinated with who he is, they have zero desire to sit on his lap! lol. In our home I want to promote other aspects of CHRISTmas beyond the arrival of Santa Claus. I remember as a kid, CHRISTmas was very much about Santa and gifts. When the reality of Santa's non-existence was revealed to me, I was devastated - All of a sudden a large part of what CHRISTmas had been, no longer existed.

So for CHRISTmas this year, my preschooler (and my toddler) will both be "surprised". They are getting simple gifts from mama and daddy. But these simple gifts are things that they will LOVE!

My preschooler is getting: a flashlight, a play make-up kit, a Tinkerbell purse and wallet, and a set of Polly Pockets.

My toddler is getting: a flashlight, a piggy bank, a Princess purse and wallet, and a My Little Pony set.

I usually budget around $100 for each girl, but this year the gifts only came to around $45 each! Surprises are wonderful things!

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  1. Christine (Mom4Jesus)12/17/2007 11:56 AM

    That is just precious. What a sweetie girl you have :-)


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