Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Day in the Life

After Thursday's shopping trip I can honestly say that my least liked task is grocery shopping with two kids. Gallant efforts have been made by the grocery stores with those cool car shaped shopping carts that allow the kids to steer while mama shops. Too bad they are impossible to turn and there's only one steering wheel for the kids to fight over!!!! I usually try to avoid them.

Typically, I shop where there are no car shaped shopping carts. I always go well-prepared with lots of drinks and snacks for the girls. However this particular day the loonie, that is ALWAYS in the van's ashtray so that I ALWAYS have a loonie for the shopping cart, is missing. And I didn't bring any snacks - I was taking my chances. So off to the more elite grocery store where the "no loonie required" car shaped shopping carts are. My girls are absolutely thrilled with this turn of events and are discussing who gets to "drive" before we even get out of the van. The excitement ceases to diminish causing my oldest daughter's voice to escalate continually in volume. Once inside the grocery store, with my oldest "driving" first, the journey begins.

First, the produce and dairy sections consist of my constant requests to "Leave your sister alone!" and "Can you please use a quieter voice?". My oldest has decided that the only way to express her enthusiasm over the car shaped shopping cart is by incessantly hugging and kissing her younger sister. Halfway through the shopping trip we switch "drivers" and my oldest starts to sing loudly while my youngest is now "driving". This continues through the cereal aisle and the meat section. I quickly finish my grocery gathering and head to the till. All is well until my youngest decides to get out of the car and into the big shopping cart on top. Again, no problem except for the sudden rush of water that starts hitting the floor as my youngest unknowingly steps on the water container spout. I tell the cashier a mop is needed and she asks "Do you need a mop or will some paper towel work?" Being the people pleaser that I am I said, "Well, paper towel might work." She hands me 3 paper towels like the kind that you find in an elementary school bathroom. Needless to say, I ended up being more assertive and said "You are going to need a mop!" I load my groceries, wrestle my bankcard out of the hands of my oldest daughter, pay for my groceries, and leave the store. Whew! I survived, the kids survived, but for some reason I have a growing detest towards those car shaped shopping carts!

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