Friday, September 14, 2007

A Day in the Life

This truly is a day in the life for me and my girls (in no particular order):

- cereal in blue bowls for the girls
- a banana on the run for myself
- 10:00 storytime at the library
- loading 2 girls, a diaper bag, snacks, a doll stroller and 2 dolls into the van
- grilled cheese, pickles and sliced apples for lunch
- stories on the couch -new library books today!
- Dora and Arthur videos
- an afternoon nap
- laundry - 2 loads and one more to go
- incessant phone calls!!!! - but my girls were angels when I was on the phone today - Wahoo!
- role playing with the big cardboard house and kitchen set
- coloring puppy pictures
- riding the scooter car down the driveway
- picking 3 orange marigolds and putting them in water
- checking e-mails and "buttons"

Since it's only 3:45 pm , I know there's more to come but for now . . . that's all.

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