Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Birthday Reminisces

Yesterday my daughter turned 4. We had the typical 4 year old girl princess party. It was perfect. As her fourth year pushed forward, no matter how hard I denied it's arrival, she truly became a "kid". An appropriate gesture at this type of occasion is to reminisce about some of those wonderful things that occurred the year before. Here are some of Precious's wonderful 3 year old treasures:

~ Climbing rocks, trees, etc.
~ Pretending to be a kitty, a lion, a pygmy marmoset, etc.
~ Tumbling tots on Tues. mornings ~ tuck, pike, straddle, somersaults, pizza hands, stickers
~ Library story times on Fri. mornings ~ "Throw the Teddy bear" song, lots of books, stamps, stickers
~ Writing name and starting to copy other letters
~ Drawing and painting rainbows, faces, kitty cats, sunshine, and houses
~ Asking lots of questions
~ Talking about God
~ Almost putting her face under water but swimming like a fish with her water wings
~ "Let's do activities!"
~ Telling stories, singing songs, dancing spontaneously
~ Riding a two wheeler with training wheels
~ Sleeping with 2 pink bunnies, 2 pink puppies, and the blue spotted frog

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